Rehydrating Moisturisers & Lotions

When you need moisturiser for a dry face or other skin type, Advanced Natural has many different types of lotions to choose from. You might need rehydrating moisturiser, anti-inflammatory lotion, detox lotion, calming lotion, or even AHA lotion. How do you find out which moisturiser is right for you? A good place to start is to consider the symptoms your skin is showing – it could be dry, inflamed, red, or breaking out. Read on below for more details about our products to help you find the one that’s right for you.

Rehydrating Moisturiser

Our rehydrating moisturiser boasts the benefits of collagen, dermaxyl, phytaluronate and apple extract to firm the skin and add moisture without excess oil. It also has a desirable anti-aging effect, making it a great option for moisturiser for a dry face.

Anti-Inflammatory Lotion

Our Calming and Repairing Cream is a great balm for conditions such as extremely dry skin, irritation, redness, eczema, dermatitis and allergies. Working with a variety of plant-based ingredients allows us to provide highly effective anti-inflammatory lotion to soothe the skin.  

Detox Lotion

Our Mind My Youth face cream has various effective plant-based ingredients that have an anti-aging effect, alleviating the look of wrinkles and keeping pollutants from being absorbed into the skin for a kind of pre-emptive detox.

Calming Lotion

Our Calming Lotion lives up to its name with soothing ingredients like chickweed, aloe vera and lavender extract, assisting with cell regeneration and alleviating inflammation.

AHA Lotion

Full of natural fruit acids, our AHA moisturiser helps to even out skin tone. It also hydrates and exfoliates to add moisture where needed and get rid of old dead skin cells.

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Our 100% natural and cruelty-free moisturisers and lotions use plant-based active ingredients to remedy skin issues, while also working towards maintenance of beautiful, youthful looking skin regardless of your age. Browse our range online to find calming lotion, AHA lotion and other products, or call us on (03) 9553 0819 to learn more.

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