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Article: Skin Myths - Fact or Fiction?

skin facts

Skin Myths - Fact or Fiction?

Are you following beauty ‘rules’, just because? Whether we learnt them as a teenager or read them in a magazine, there's some beauty rituals we've always believed to be true but a lot of them are actually just myths. We sort fact from fiction below.

“It’s cloudy outside! I don’t need SPF!”

MYTH: our skin is susceptible to harmful UV rays every single day.

The weather outside has nothing to do with UV radiation so even on overcast days, it’s important to be applying your sun protection products. One of the biggest contributors to accelerated ageing, UV exposure can lead to unwanted pigmentation, uneven skin tone and even cancer.

Designed to keep your skin hydrated and protected, our Sunscreen Lotion UV SPF30+

is the protective step your morning skincare ritual needs.

“Scrubbing is the only way to exfoliate my face”

MYTH: Whilst a natural, physical exfoliant can remove dead skin build up, it’s not our only option for an effective exfoliation.

We exfoliate to keep our skin looking and feeling its best. Promoting the production of fresh new cells, removing build-up and invigorating circulation, exfoliation is a vital step to your weekly skincare ritual.

If we over-exfoliate by scrubbing too intensely, we can risk disrupting our skin barrier and furthermore, causing micro wounds to our skin. This is where exfoliants such as AHA’s and enzymes come into play!

Exfoliants break down our dead skin cells and gently slough them away rather than vigorous scrubbing and pulling at our skin.

“Drinking water is the key to good skin”

FACT: Nourishing from within is a vital step to long term skin health!

Staying hydrated by ensuring you’re drinking an optimal amount of water each day is an important step to overall long-term health, including your skin. Many people note that when increasing their water intake, they notice their skin feels more hydrated and looks brighter and clearer.

However, drinking water is just one step to healthy skin. What we fuel our body with plays an equally important role. Ensuring our body is nourished with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will support our skin journey and pair perfectly with our natural skincare regime.

Follow the beauty rules that work best for your unique skin. Our comprehensive range of natural skincare products support you to discover your best skin yet! Visit our website to shop our entire range online.

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