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Article: Why Should I Consider Natural Skin Care When Pregnant?

Why should I consider natural skin care when pregnant

Why Should I Consider Natural Skin Care When Pregnant?

Pregnancy can be a magical time.

But, It can also be a time of stress due to all the do's and do n't's provided by doctors and the opinions of others.

From the moment people start to notice your precious bump, you may feel as though unsolicited advice is coming from every angle - it's enough to make any mum-to-be anxious!

We understand. And, as you're here, you're probably wondering about your skin care during pregnancy and if it's safe for bub. So, we can to help take the stress out of deciding what kind of skin care to choose.

We believe it's better to choose natural skin care products during your pregnancy. So, to help any mum-to-be who is considering natural skin care, we've put together this helpful guide to our natural skin care products to help you go toxin-free during your pregnancy and beyond.

Why should I consider natural skin care when pregnant?

Whatever we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bodies. When pregnant, ensuring that our skin care products are toxin-free is more important than ever as the little one you're carrying is growing and absorbing whatever you eat and use.

Read on to find what Advanced Natural products we recommend using during your pregnancy

How to treat pregnancy acne naturally.
Pregnancy can wreak havoc on our skin — thank all those hormones! You may notice spots and pimples appearing across your face (and even chest and back!). Establishing a good, natural skin routine can help you keep on top of your skin.
Try these natural skin care products for pregnancy:

Blotchy cheeks

Pregnant women have up to 50% more blood flowing through their veins. This increase in blood volume can lead to blotchy, red marks appearing on your cheeks. At times, they can look like a smattering of small, red pimples even though they aren't.

These marks can be frustrating, so many mothers-to-be will reach for their makeup to try and cover it up. Many foundations can have harmful ingredients in them, so we have made two different types of natural foundation that comes in five different shades.

They are:

How to help prevent or treat stretch marks, naturally.

It's believed that 80% or more of pregnant women experience stretch marks on their stomachs, hips, bum and thighs.

Keeping your tummy and body hydrated may help reduce the likelihood of developing stretch marks, or if you do get them, some of our products can help minimise their appearance.

No matter if you do or don't get them, moisturising your tummy can help keep itching from your skin stretching at bay

Try these products:

Natural hair care in pregnancy

Many regular shampoos are full of parabens and other nasties. Our shampoo and conditioners are toxin-free, allowing you to wash your tresses without the harsh chemicals.

Try these products:

Natural sunscreen

Avoid the nasties hidden in regular sunscreen while also being unsafe with our natural sunscreen.


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