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Article: ~ Self Care ~

self care

~ Self Care ~

Give back to yourself this weekend.

Anyone else trying to fill from an empty cup? Self-care is incredibly crucial during this time when uncertainty and mental fatigue surrounds us. Most importantly, self-care doesn’t need to have a 12-step routine attached to it. It can be as simple as dedicating time for you and you only to enjoy something you love and that replenished your mind, body and spirit.

Here’s our simple but effective self-care hacks, to give back to YOU this weekend.

Hit The Pavement

Take the pressure off workouts and go back to basics – enjoy Mother Nature!

Given that we’re at home more than ever right now, changing scenery, even for 30 minutes will go a long way towards helping you feel mentally refreshed.

Switch Off

Sometimes we forget the impact of taking in hundreds of pieces of information every day. From what’s happening on Facebook, scrolling through our Instagram feeds to getting lost in hours of Tik Tok videos, social media makes it super hard for our brains to switch off!

Scheduling time to disconnect from social media on the weekends is a self-care hack that has some serious impact. You’ll feel your mind slow down and you may even find extra time in your day!

The best part? It’ll all still be there when you log back on!

Pick up the phone

In a world that speaks fluent in gifs, we sometimes forget that our phones actually make calls!

Take a moment to call someone that truly makes you feel incredible. When we’re on the phone to our loved ones, we’re living in that exact moment and not consuming things around us. It allows our brain to slow down and enjoy that moment. Sharing memories, laughing with one another and sharing your latest Netflix recommendations is a powerful way to give yourself (and someone else) some quality self-care time.

Bathtime Rituals

Create a ritual of a long, weekend bath filled with your favourite bath salts or essential oils. This time is all about you; listen to music or your favourite podcast, apply a face mask, read a book, or do absolutely nothing and surrender to your peaceful surroundings.

Remember, self-care is not selfish! How are you taking time for you this weekend?

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