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Article: Skincare Routine For The Winter Months

skincare routine in winter

Skincare Routine For The Winter Months

The cooler days are becoming more frequent, the days are becoming shorter and winter feels like it’s lurking just around the corner.

Have you thought about how the change of seasons may impact your skincare routine?

As it’s now autumn, your summer skincare routine may no longer be suitable.

Why? You may need products that are more hydrating and heavier to offset the impact of the cooler weather on your skin.

Your hands may also be feeling a little dry due to the weather and more frequent handwashing. And don’t forget your hair may be needing a little love too.

Read our following five tips to help keep your skin glowing this winter!

Wear sunscreen

Believe that sunscreen is only needed in the summertime? Well, that’s a myth - you can still experience sun damage in winter, although it’s less common than in summer.

When it’s cloudy out, the sun can still penetrate through and damage your skin. So wearing sunscreen, or products containing sunscreen, can help keep your skin from getting sun damage.

Over time, sun damage ages our skin and can also lead to skin cancer. Need we say more?

Avoid dry skin with suitable products

It’s common to develop dry skin in winter, but luckily we have so many natural skincare products that will help get your through this winter with radiant skin.

To treat dry skin, or to keep it at bay, here are our winter skincare essentials:

Give your hands some TLC

Hand washing is more frequent in winter due to the flu, and especially so in the current climate. As a result, our hands dry out which can become painful. Avoid dry hands by moisturising them with hand lotion after you wash your hands.

Don’t forget your lips!

Don’t forget your lips! The harsh winter winds can cause sore, chapped lips. Get yourself a deeply nourishing lip balm, such as our Lip Moisturiser.

Other ways you can help your skin in winter:

  • Avoid overly hot showers - as tempting as it may be, hot water dries out skin

  • Establish a routine and do it morning and night for best results

  • Get enough sleep - sleep helps restore our skin so aim for your 7.5 to 9 hours of beauty sleep each night

  • Hydrate! Dehydration is more common in winter than you may think as we may not feel as thirsty as we do when it’s hot outside. Remember that you should still aim for two litres of water a day.

  • If your home is quite dry, consider investing in a humidifier.

Whatever skin type you have, we have the product for you! Explore our extensive range of natural skincare through our online shop.

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