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Article: Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh After a Long-Haul Flight

Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh After a Long-Haul Flight

Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh After a Long-Haul Flight

Whether you’re preparing for a relaxing two weeks on the beach, or a non-stop Eurotrip, remembering to pack skin care is important.

When travelling, we are dealing with the harsh environment of an airplane, jet lag, different climates, hard water and more.

All of this can really mess with our skin and hair. So we’ve put together some skin care travel tips to help you keep your skin looking fresh during your next holiday.

What happens to our skin during long plane journeys?

Long-haul plane journeys can seriously dry out our skin — not a great start to your trip, hey?

So, taking some precautions before and during your flight can be a massive help and save you from experiencing dull, dried-out skin when you land.

Skin care travel tip #1: Give your skin some serious TLC in the days leading up to your departure

Holidays are rarely a last-minute thing. Usually, moths go into planning them. So, when writing out your pre-holiday check-list, factor in looking after your skin in the week before you leave.

Schedule a professional facial (our two natural beauty salons in Melbourne provide natural skin care facials and treatments - have a look at our treatment menu).

Pay close attention to your skin and make sure you are following a proper skin care routine in the mornings and nights.

Skin care travel tip #2: Eat and drink healthily before you leave

By avoiding certain foods and drinks, like high-sugar snacks and alcohol or coffee, you’re giving your skin a head start to avoiding the common skin struggles caused by travel.

Skin care travel tip #3: Pack skin care for the plane journey.

Pack a refreshing cleanser and hydrating moisturiser for your flight. You’ll be relieved that you did when your skin starts to feel tight and dry! Just remember to keep your the skin care you’re taking on board travel-sized.

Skin care travel tip #4: Hydrate!

Avoid alcohol, coffee, tea and other drinks and try and drink plenty of water during the duration of your flight. Also, stay on top of your hydration during your holiday.

Skin care travel tip #5: Look after yourself during your trip

By this, we mean:
  • Get enough sleep

  • Listen to your body

  • Follow your skin care routine as best you can

  • Eat well

For your next trip, consider packing one of our travel-friendly sized kits!

Hydrating Treatment Kit


Calming Treatment Kit


AHA Treatment Kit

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